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Education has been the same for the last 300 years, since the Industrial Revolution. One teacher, the "gatekeeper of knowledge" and students in front of him/her "absorbing" what is being said.

Even with new technologies available, online education just replicated this old format with a new shape, but still with a “one-to-many” approach.

LearnNets is the PLATFORM and the METHODOLOGY to transform online learning into a real ENGAGING experience.

Short contents. Microlearning objects. Encouraging students to produce their own knowledge and their own story.

Inspired by Facebook's social network and Netflix's video platform features.
LearnNets combines and integrates the best of their concepts.
We created an innovative and engaging PLATFORM.


Social Network

Video Platform

Students and professionals already spend a good part of their day accessing many social networks and watching videos.

They usually do it from their smartphones. Every day. Hours a day. And this will only increase!

What if they were to access a social learning network designed to support his/her educational development?

Engaging, easy to use and flexible. Microlearning objects in short videos. Like episodes of your favorite series.

Video carousels by subjects, like TV series. Students can watch videos (episodes) however they like.

Each one has a beginning and an end on itself. Episodes can be watched in any order and not compromise the learning.

Navegating the social network side of a platform

2 videos showing an example of a Social Learning Network (SLN) to develop healthcare leaders.

Navegating the video platform side of a platform
Andragogy Based
Andragogy is an old concept, brought by Plato in Ancient Greece.
It means teaching adults like adults.
As “easy” as that!
But most educational methodologies still lean on Pedagogy to teach adults, and this is very ineffective.
  • Learning environment with mutual respect, trust, and acceptance of differences

  • Learners perceive the goals of the learning experience to be their goals

  • Learners are responsible for planning and actively participate

  • The learning process makes use of learner’s experiences

  • Learners have a sense of progress toward goals

  •   Yes, teach something to the students

  •   But inspire them to search for knowledge by themselves

  •   And propose a practical use of the knowledge whenever applicable

Teachers must became tutors.
You are still a teacher, but must move beyond it and be a tutor, as well. You still teach, but not only this.
There is no more room for passive teaching only.

Students are now responsible for their own learning too. They need to cooperate and produce knowledge by themselves. Teachers should act as facilitators here.

Providing tools and opportunities for them to work together.

  • Microlearning objects

  • Mainly video and audio based

  • Multiple formats

  • Modern wording

  • Social network


The main reason online education initiatives fail is lack of engagement.

Brand new platforms, but filled with old formats and boring classes.

We engage people with both our platform and methodology.

Effectively Continued

Education should be a continuous process.

A little bit, but everyday.

Traditional on line learning is about attending courses once in a while. So people lose traction.

Todays and future generations needs and desires are better addressed when students can make their own path.

  •   Watch, at least, an episode (video) every day

  •   Choose and learn something new

  •   Or just refresh something you have learned before

A company looking forward to a scalable
and highly engaging learning model
Corporate Education

Companies are moving beyond traditional in-class and MOOC corporate based education.

They need to stimulate their employees to improve and evolve their careers. Providing the tools and the opportunities so they can create their own learning paths.

Superior Education

LearnNets provides an engaging platform which allows students to connect. And also to learn from each other.

It can be used on classroom, hybrid or online learning social network.

Teachers have a platform and methodology to innovate their classes.

High School Education

Kids from 11 years old have access to smartphones and tablets nowadays. They are acessing social networks and watching videos on a daily basis. It is part of their reality. But not on school. Yet! And we can also engage other stakeholders, like parents, tutors, and government agencies.

Vocational Education

People are not only moving into new jobs, but also moving to new markets and areas of expertise.

The easiest way to be updated, learning new skills and capabilities  is through an engaging online platform, where (s)he can connect with new people and acquire new knowledge.


Our platform and methodology can also be used as an endomarketing tool.

Companies must be able to must communicate whenever they need and want.

Strategic planning, culture, corporate development, products, sales pitches, HR topics, best practices...

Communicate effectively, in a straight forward and engaging way on your timeline and discussion groups.

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